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Art Van Delay Firmware Updates

See instructions for firmware updates on page 9 of the User Manual.

Art Van Delay 1.0.0 - November 13, 2018


Art Van Delay 1.0.1 -  Updated December 23, 2018

  • Stock firmware since January 2019


  • Modulation Rate now ranges from 0.3Hz-9Hz
  • Global Tempo added - if this is enabled the tempo ignores the presets, allowing you to more easily switch presets in the same song. Subdivision still applies but the basic tempo will always be set from the tap or TIME knob.To toggle Global Tempo, enter Config Mode and HOLD the TAP footswitch until the white LED blinks twice.
  • ARP Mode: This is very basic but I thought it would be fun. In ARP mode, the SDIV toggle is set for harmonic ratios instead of rhythmic subdivisions. Centre is still 1/4 note, Up is a fifth up (or 1/4 Note Triplets), Down is a fourth down (or 1/2 Note Triplets). When you HOLD TAP, it will also go a fifth up, rather than oscillating. To toggle ARP Mode, enter Config Mode, and HOLD the BYPASS footswitch until the pink LED blinks twice.
  • Because this adds two more mode functions, it is recommended to run a factory reset to ensure that everything works properly. To do this, simply hold the bypass footswitch on power up until the pink LED flashes twice.