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Sick As Overdrive (Blackout)

Sick As Overdrive (Blackout)


This is a custom colour Sick As mk3 with standard circuitry. For those interested in the "Blackout" circuit, the High Shredroom more than covers this territory. 

What's new with the mk3 Version:

  • Same classic Sick As sound
  • Robust power input protection 
  • Optimised power delivery network
  • Significantly reduced noise (20dB improvement to the SNR compared to the Sick As Overdrive mk2)
  • Our quietest ever true-bypass switching

The Sick As Overdrive is a diversion from the well-worn path, taking its basic structure from the Klon Centaur® but with some major improvements for the modern player. The gain control serves a dual purpose— as the gain is increased, the ratio of gain-to-clean tone increases as well. This ensures that when the gain is rolled off, the tone never becomes muddy and unpleasant. You can control the amount of headroom and the character of the drive with the toggle switch. Choose from a more compressed, mid-range focused tone or an open, transparent, rhythm tone.  The tone circuit is a powerful, two-band active EQ circuit capable of boosting or cutting the bass and treble frequencies up to 15dB for maximum versatility. The voltage is also boosted internally to 18V for increased clarity and headroom.

  • Clean Boost, Overdrive or a blend of the two.
  • Dynamic and natural, responsive to your pick attack or volume knob.
  • Internally boosted to 18 volts for maximum headroom and clarity.
  • Toggle switch controls the amount of headroom and character of the drive.
  • Powerful active tonestack, capable of 15dB of boost or cut
  • Soft touch true-bypass switching

Tech Specs:

  • Input Impedance 500kOhms @ 1kHz
  • Output Impedance 560Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Dimensions: 119mm*98mm*49mm
  • Current consumption <70mA
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International orders are shipped DHL Express and normally delivered in 4-8 business days. 

    User Manual

    Download the User Manual - PDF


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